A downloadable tool

initial events to start making your own fighting game using the software clickteam fusion.

v1.1 - simple fight game; only punching.

v3.0 - select type of game: player 1 vs player 2 or player 1 vc CPU; select player screen; fight; simple IA for player 2 (CPU); punching and kicking.

(most of the events of the game is commented in portuguese, later it may have an english version)


luta - v1.1 - fusion.zip 1 MB
luta - v3.0 - fusion.zip 2 MB

Install instructions

inside the ZIP file you will find the game in .EXE format to test it and the .MFA file to open it using the software clickteam fusion 2.5.


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Does this fighting game have a character guard?