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aratu brother (irmãos aratu - in portuguese) is an action platformer game that is still in development for mega drive. help the brothers to punch and kick some bad monsters that haunts the city.

shaolin carcará is also an action platformer game. help the monks to destroy some monsters.

here you can download the demonstration version.

controls:  START pause/unpause; button B punch and kick; button C jump; up + button C super jump.


nemezes  (http://twitter.com/laudelino7): programming, aratu brothers + enemies characters design.

paulo amaweks villalva (http://twitter.com/amaweks): background art and cover art for aratu brothers.

luiz villalva  (http://twitter.com/lmvvml): testing.

pedro paiva (http://twitter.com/pedrofpaiva) made the two shaolin carcará logos.

thanks to ansimuz (http://opengameart.org/users/ansimuz) as we use his free CC0 gothicvania series in shaolin carcará game.

thanks to stephane d (http://github.com/Stephane-D/SGDK) as we use his powerful SGDK 1.41 to make the games.

more info: www.mangangateam.com

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags16-bit, 16bits, Beat 'em up, genesis, Mega Drive, Retro, sega, Sega Genesis


aratucarcara demonstracao v2.zip 366 kB

Install instructions

ROM file to play in a Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis, or in an emulator.


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An another great demo game, deserves its own video too.


A very promising game. Congrats !

Nice gameplay, thanks!

jogo muito bem feito, obra de arte