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Take a look in Devwill Too Prologue (amaweks.itch.io/devw2), it is another game in the same world of Devwill Too.

Devwill Too platformer game for Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis

Here you can download the demonstration version of the game, with 3 levels to play. The full game in cartridge for Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis is for sale at Mega Cat Studios. The full game has the following features.

FULL ROM: you can buy the full digital version of Devwill Too here http://devwilltoo.mangangateam.com (for US$3.99).

► 1 player
► 18 levels
► Jump and slide action
► Combo system (bonus points)
► Boss batles
► 15 musics
► Jukebox to listen all the musics
► +1 extra life every 400 points
► Unlimited continues
► 13 animated cutscenes
► Hiscore

► B jump
► A or C slide

CREDITS (mangangá team)
► Art + music: Paulo “amaweks” Villalva (http://twitter.com/amaweks)
► Code: nemezes (http://twitter.com/laudelino7)
► Testing: Luiz Villalva (http://twitter.com/lmvvml)

Game published by Mega Cat Studios (http://twitter.com/megacatstudios)

more info: www.mangangateam.com

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Tags16-bit, genesis, Mega Drive, Retro, sega


devwill too demonstracao.zip 509 kB
Devwill Too - release - portugues.pdf 1 MB

Install instructions

ROM file to play in a Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis, or in an emulator.

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